Solar power station (SPS) - a two-axis solar tracker Solarobot, developed by IC "Ecoenergy" , with a special lever mechanism and automatic tracking of the sun increases the generation of electricity by more than 30%.

The Solarobot Solar tracker, due to its design features, is more resistant to wind loads and precipitation, less metal-consuming, which allows it to be placed on any flat ground or roof of the building without installing a reinforced concrete foundation, like traditional solar trackers.

The most unique source of non-fuel energy is permanent magnets and the systems of their combinations.

Automatic (mechanical) lifting magnets series allow lifting, holding and moving rolled metal products of wide range without electricity. Load release operation is performed automatically with the wire rope which ALM is fastened to.

Magnetic liquid activators have found their application in preparation of ready-mixed concrete and building materials manufacturing, which reduced concrete consumption up to 15-25%, sped up solidification rate of product up to 30% and reduced power consumption up to 25%.

The main specialization of ECOENERGY Innovation Company is the development of technologies for industrial waste recycling by roller press briquetting of fine dispersed materials, as well as the designing and manufacturing of original equipment for briquetting. The construction of roller presses BRU and BRM series is based on the world advanced experience and has the most power efficient design, which substantially reduces costs for briquetting. The produced briquette forms have been developed in practice and provide optimum results of briquette firmness.



At the request of a Russian company IC ECOENERGY has carried out the investigation of raw materials (crushed chalk) and developed two technologies of cold briquetting with roller presses BRM series. The achieved results are patentable and bring energy-saving innovations to technologies for chalk spillage recycling into new products for building and metallurgy.


At the request of a Russian company IC ECOENERGY has developed and manufactured a specialized BRM roller press for briquetting aluminum chips obtained when recycling fine aluminum scrap (cans, wires, clippings etc.) The manufactured roller press has been developed on the basis of universal roller presses BRU series with a glance to laboratory investigation of raw material that has been preliminary carried.



Because of seeming simplicity of manufacturing and apparent popularity of the final product among consumers, the foundation of briquetting production has lately been the most popular idea among coal dealers. This technology doesn’t pertain to the deep processing of coal; nevertheless, it is among technologies, which are traditionally considered by investors when planning coal industry development projects. But the real situation on the briquette market is much more difficult.

About our company

ECOENERGY Innovation Company was founded in 1999 in Dneprodzerzhinsk, Dnepropetrovsk oblast, the heart of the most important industrial region of Ukraine.