Crushed chalk briquetting technologies

At the request of a Russian company IC ECOENERGY has carried out the investigation of raw materials (crushed chalk) and developed two technologies of cold briquetting with roller presses BRM series.

1. Chalk briquetting technology for getting building lime.

Quicklime is used in construction products to provide their firmness, water resistance and density. It means, that the material is allowed in manufacturing silica bricks, foam concrete, as well as other construction materials.

Quicklime is a half-finished product. After slaking it is often used in making plaster and dry building mixes. The lime obtained from briquette chalk possesses a highly dispersed structure and high purity, which complies with technical requirements for construction lime, test methods for lime binders being regulated by ГОСТ (State Standard) 9179-77 and 22688-77. 

2. Chalk briquetting technology for getting metallurgical lime.

The obtained briquette meets the requirements of metallurgical lime. Fine particle lime (3-20mm) can be used in steelmaking for steel refining in a melting pot. Quality requirements for lime in Martin process are not so strict. In ferroalloy industry lime briquettes can be used both as flux (the production of ferrochrome, ferromanganese, ferrovanadium etc.) and batch (silicocalcium). In agglomeration process, lime is used for the following purposes:

  1. Crumbled additive (fraction of not less than 3mm) for aggloburden with the aim of increasing agglomeration machine productivity at the expense of increasing in gas permeability and larger height of the layer;
  2. Ensuring the specified agglomerate basicity of 1.2 – 1.5;
  3. Drying wet iron-containing concentrates and metallurgical wastes (slug, dross) with the aim of their further application in preparation of aggloburden.

The results achieved in the course of the research are patentable and bring energy-saving innovations to technologies for chalk spillage recycling into new products for building and metallurgy.