ECOENERGY IC roller briquetting presses’ design is based on the world advanced experience and has the most power efficient design, which reduces costs for briquetting.

ECOENERGY IC roller presses’ basic advantages over those of the classical design consist in the following features:

  • each roller separate drive
  • a half-closed shape of briquetting moulds
  • high pressure hydraulics
  • extending space swivel frame

Separate drive enables using of high power planetary gearboxes, reduces both the specific quantity of metal of the equipment and its power consumption, which directly reduces the cost price of the manufactured briquettes.

A half-closed shape of briquetting moulds and separate drive have made it possible to reject synchronizing gears, which reduced moulds’ wearing and increased the overhaul periods up to several hours.

The new hydraulic system allows increasing the pressure of briquetting up to 400 MPa and minimizes MRO costs.

Roller briquetting presses may be completed with an extra screw press unit and a withdrawal device to prevent some kinds of briquettes from sticking within the briquetting moulds, as well as with a spare set of briquetting moulds.

The models of roller briquetting presses BRU series are developed for producing fuel briquettes of coal and charcoal, peat, lignin, oil coke etc.

The models of roller briquetting presses BRM series specialize in producing briquettes for ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy of metal containing scrap, iron ore concentrates, metallurgical fines and slug, lime, chalk etc.

BRM-50 key specifications

Parameter name


The roller’s diameter, mm


The roller’s width, mm


Torque* (total on the driving gear), Nm

320 000

The rollers’ rotational speed, rpm


Maximum effort, tons


The roller’s driving power, kW


The screw press’s power, kW


Production capacity, m3/h


The roller press’s overall dimensions, mm


The roller press’s weight, tons


Briquette size, mm