ALM lifting magnet is intended for lifting, lowering and transporting of ferromagnetic materials (rolled ferrous metal) attached to a crane hook.

ALM is a removable load handling device complying with “Hoisting crane safe operation requirements ДНАП 0.00-1.03-02”. Lifting magnets and electromagnets represent equipment for the mechanization of cargo handling operations at metallurgical plants, metal product storehouses, in machine-building industry, structural steel production, metal cutting, rolled metal unloading from trucks and railway trucks, at seaports. By using them, you can increase your working efficiency, reduce time of handling operation and improve your working condition, which reduces the probability of workplace accidents. In most cases the lifting magnet can be operated by a slinger only, in some cases just a crane operator being enough for that, as well as for handling of wide and heavy cargoes.

ALM.03 overall view

1. Body, 2. Control unit, 3. Controlled magnet system

ALM.03.01 key specification


Parameter name Value

Overall dimensions, mm, not more than



Load safety factor, not less than


Lifting capacity*, tons


Lower limit overall size of a load being lifted, mm, not less than


Upper limit overall size of a load being lifted, mm, not more than


Mass, kg, not more than



*Lifting capacity when holding sheet metal, including metal flat bars. When holding round, square, hexahedral bars, etc., ALM lifting capacity is 30% of the capacity specified in the diagram.

ALM permanent magnet grippers comply with the requirements of ДСТУ prEN 13155, НПАОП 0.00-1.01 (hereinafter referred to as Requirements), ТУ У 28-30378595-001:2013 and the design documentation package of ALM.01.00.00, ALM.02.00.00, ALM.03.00.00.