Lifting magnets

ALM lifting magnet (automatic lifting magnet) is intended for lifting, lowering and transporting of ferromagnetic materials (rolled ferrous metal) attached to a crane hook.

ALM is a removable load handling device, in which load handling is performed with the help of permanent magnets with mechanical load detachment. In most cases the lifting magnet can be operated by a slinger only, but typically just a crane operator is enough for that, as well as for handling of wide and heavy cargoes.

ALM.01 lifting magnets represent monoblocks with 1, 2 and 5 tons lifting capacity.

ALM.02 lifting magnets represent lifting beams with 2, 5 and 10 tons lifting capacity.

ALM.03 lifting magnets represent 1 ton battery-powered monoblocks with remotely-operated load detachment.

The lifting magnets are recommended to use for the mechanization of cargo handling operations at metallurgical plants, metal product storehouses, in machine-building industry, structural steel production, metal cutting, rolled metal unloading from trucks and railway trucks, at seaports.

The chief advantages, that ALM usage in loading/unloading operations gives, are:

  • cut cost of handling operations
  • productivity improvement
  • reduced time of handling operation
  • cargo loss prevention improved
  • safety of cargo
  • safe slinging

ALM design’s basic advantage over its analogues consists in mechanical load detachment, which is performed with the help of the same slings, by which ALM is attached to a crane hook, the absence of moving parts in the magnet system considerably simplifying the design and increasing the gripping efficiency with regard to the relationship between the weight of a load being lifted and the weight of the lifting device. 

ALM transformation

Load grippers ALM.02 series can be transformed in different ways.

It is possible to quickly adjust a single ALM device to the geometry of a load surface, as well as to get several independent small lifting capacity devices out of an ALM device of greater lifting capacity.

Depending on a handled cargo’s overall dimensions it is possible to rotate magnet modules and position them inside the lifting beam. Rotation of a magnet module around vertical axis at 45 degree increments is allowed. Four positioning options are available for magnet modules’ optimal arrangement.

Transformation takes 5 – 40 minutes and no special purpose tool is required.

Quick-detachable multiuse holding locks provide reliable positioning of the elements during transformation.

Rotating magnetic modules

Magnet modules’ positioning inside ALM.02.05 and ALM.02.10 lifting beam.



Getting two AML.01.01 devices out of one ALM.02.02

Getting two ALM.02.02 devices or four ALM.01.01 devices out of one ALM.02.05


For example, a 5 ton ALM.02.05 provides an industrial estate with two 2.5 ton ALM.02.02 or four 1.25 ton ALM.01.01.

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