BRU-3. Creation out of metal.

IC ECOENERGY, together with Mukachevo machine-tool plant JSC, has produced BRU-3 universal roller briquetting press intended for briquetting of coal and petroleum coke fines, iron containing slag screenings and ferroalloy fine fractions.

[BRU-3] Roller presses designed by IC ECOENERGY have a number of innovative features, which make them the fourth generation product:

  • separate roller drive
  • double-acting hydraulic damper
  • half-open screw press unit.

The universal roller briquetting press’s construction is divided into component parts:

  • the swivel frame;
  • the toothed roller;
  • the grooved roller;
  • the receiving bin;
  • hydraulic damper;
  • screw presser.

All the pieces of equipment are harmonized with each other on the basis of their output rate; at the same time, depending on the volume of briquette mix in the bin mutually coordinated change of every operation’s time frame is allowed.

BRU-3, which is intended for briquetting of petroleum coke fines (petroleum industry waste), will be put into operation in spring, 2010. Petroleum coke briquettes will be used as fuel in sugar production at “Xorazm Shakar” JSC (Xorazm sugar plant), the only sugar plant in Uzbekistan.