Coal briquetting line – an economical start

IC ECOENERGY has custom developed a technology for cold coal and charcoal fine waste briquetting. The press equipment’s capacity is 1-2 tph, which allows using the line without extra expenses for capital construction, carbon content of the output briquettes ranging between 92-95% and binder content not exceeding 5-7%.

The present project includes a minimum set of the most important pieces of equipment for cold briquetting without drying and sieving batch preparation unit (provided the moisture content of raw material does not exceed 12%). The line includes nonstandard equipment of our own design: RC-5 roller crusher, DSM-5 double-shaft mixer, BRU-1 universal roller briquetting press. For the purpose of reducing energy consumption and extending of the moulds’ lifetime, the briquetting line is completed with measurement equipment for pressing and crushing force control, speed controller for mixing machine, as well as a dosing control unit.

The project of a small coal and charcoal fine briquetting line makes it possible to substantially cut capital costs and reduce the payback period down to 12 months.

The nonstandard equipment has been available for order since February, 2010.