Lifting magnet MEZ series for scrap metal

IC ECOENERGY’s specialists have developed a basically new permanent lifting magnet МЭЗ series for scrap metal, a competitor of classical circular electric lifting magnets (M-22, 42, 62 and ПМ-15, 25).

The gripper is a simple permanent multipolar magnet operated electromagnetically with the help of built-in accumulators. The load is released via a remote control by a crane operator or a slinger. The conducted tests have proved the power consumption to be minimal, because it takes just mere milliseconds for the load to be released, which allows the storage battery to continuously work during a week. These grippers can be used afield, with mobile cranes etc.

Our specialists have also developed a МЭЗ modification specially for gathering sunken scrap metal.

As Mushinskiy Vitaliy Alexandrovich, IC ECOENERGY’s technical director and chief designer, says: “Permanent magnets are the future of energy saving!”