A new technology for crushed chalk briquetting

IC ECOENERGY has developed a technology for crushed chalk briquetting. Relationship between briquette firmness and the amount of binder consumption, compacting pressure, as well as the temperature and time of drying, has been specified. The most optimal material compositions of briquettes for lime production have been chosen.

IC ECOENERGY has custom developed a technology for briquetting of crushed chalk with particles 0-20 mm in diameter from Raigorod chalk deposit with the aim of lime calcining for needs of metallurgical plants. In the course of the research, more than 20 compositions with different kinds of binders, as well as methods of their mixing, were worked out. After having been tested for impact, drop and abradability resistance etc, two variants, which were acknowledged the most successful ones, were recommended for industrial briquette manufacturing. Experiments with burning of chalk briquettes at 1000 °C were also carried out, which resulted in obtaining lime. The customer appreciated the research results on the basis of which IC ECOENERGY has developed technical documentation titled “The production procedures for briquetting of fine chalk wastes”. The technology pushing will make it possible to process fine chalk wastes, the part of which reaches 50% while mining, and to substitute common lime in metallurgy.