A new universal БДВУ-3 briquetting press

IC ECOENERGY’s designers have developed a new universal three roller briquetting press - БДВУ-3, which transforms into a disintegrator in a matter of minutes. Its construction allows to significantly reduce the initial investments when assembling coal and metallurgical fine-dispersed waste briquetting lines. БДВУ-3 capacity will be 3-4 tph, which is optimal for enterprises, which target at comprehensive mineral exploitation. БДВУ-3 manufacturing and supervision for installation works can be ordered since March, 2009. IC ECOENERGY guarantees the first three БДВУ-3 purchasers 10% discount off the equipment’s full price, as well as an extension to 2 year warranty. 

БДВУ-3 layout diagram. Work in grinding mode.

БДВУ-3 with a screw press. Work in briquetting mode.