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IC ECOENERGY, together with Mukachevo machine-tool plant JSC, has produced BRU-3 universal roller briquetting press intended for briquetting of coal and petroleum coke fines, iron containing slag screenings and ferroalloy fine fractions.


IC ECOENERGY’s specialists have developed a basically new permanent lifting magnet МЭЗ series for scrap metal, a competitor of classical circular electric lifting magnets (M-22, 42, 62 and ПМ-15, 25).


IC ECOENERGY’s designers have developed a new universal three roller briquetting press - БДВУ-3, which transforms into a disintegrator in a matter of minutes. Its construction allows to significantly reduce the initial investments when assembling coal and metallurgical fine-dispersed waste briquetting lines. БДВУ-3 capacity will be 3-4 tph, which is optimal for enterprises, which target at comprehensive mineral exploitation. БДВУ-3 manufacturing and supervision for installation works can be ordered since March, 2009.


IC ECOENERGY’s designers have developed АМЗ-МЛ metal scrap automatic lifting magnet. In many respects it resembles a lifting magnet for rolled metal; however, it has a basic difference: three of its magnetic surfaces are in operation, which makes it a high-duty load gripper. Its polymagnetic gripping system lets automatically redistribute magnetic fluxes to hold a load depending on scrap size and the number of pieces.


IC ECOENERGY has successfully tested ALM-1000 (automatic lifting magnet) with a lifting capacity exceeding 1000 kg. In the course of the test, the parameters of the magnetic gripper’s maximum lifting capacity, load detachment force, as well as other technical parameters in compliance with the test program, were determined, on which a technical report was made.


IC ECOENERGY has produced a preproduction patch of cold-moulded briquettes in compliance with technical specifications ТУУ 27.3-25018426-002-2005 “Carbonized ferroalloy briquettes for metallurgy industry.”


ALM-1000 automatic lifting magnet, IC ECOENERGY’s new development, represents an extension of the line of automatic lifting magnets for handling ferrous loads. A lifting beam with two magnetic modules is the concept already used by the company and on the basis of which ALM-1000 design is developed. Load detachment is performed by a built-in four-stroke automatic mechanism. This development will help to solve a number of common tasks in mechanical engineering and metal product storehouses.


IC ECOENERGY has developed a new МЗ-5000 permanent lifting magnet (МЗ). Sheet metal, sections, billets and cast steel handling is the most usual МЗ-5000 sphere of application. The lifting magnet’s basic difference is its automatic load detachment system. The specified lifting capacity: 5000 kg. Project Drafter is Mushinskiy Vitaliy Alexandrovich, IC ECOENERGY’s technical director.

The project has been developed for the needs of “UGMK- Zaporizhzhya” JSC, Zaporizhzhya.


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